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Join us and give the gift of compassion, health and support to our communities. For details about our example drives, and for direct donations, visit DonationSmile FundMe page.

Donating To Hope Clinic McKinney, TX

Currently, our projects focus on small free clinics that are short on medical safety supplies. We hope that others will follow and give the support they need. We help local clinicians and caregivers with medical and other supplies needed. We work to ensure that disadvantaged children and adults have access to basic health care. Donating to Hope Clinic in McKinney, Texas, was also fulfilling. We address their need for medical quality KN95 safety masks, gloves and hand sanitizer. Ilan called on a supplier to donate some of his masks and volunteered to physically carry the mask and the other medical supplies into the McKinney Hope Clinic. He says the staff were elated to receive the masks, gloves and sanitizers, which they are in short supply. 

Contribute to or volunteer your time to the project that fits your interests and goals. Contact us for more details about volunteering and joining our team.

Ilan Donate Medical Supplies to Hope Clinic in McKinney, TX

Plano, Texas Head Start program staff are delighted to receive school supplies donated by Ilan Sela, DonationSmile volunteer.

Head Start Plano TX donation

We help helping those among us who are in need. Some of us in the young community cannot afford school supplies for their daily use while attending class. Part of our goal is to decrease a child fear of fulfilling class requirement because of money issue; or the mother feeling shame of being unable to support her child’s education needs. We are a small group but more needed in the Dallas area dedicated to helping our community residents. We hope that others will follow and give the support community needs. 

"Our staff is very appreciative of your kind gesture towards our medical clinic as we continue to serve the underserved population throughout our community. The KN96 masks will allow us to continue practicing our safety protocols in trying to keep our employees and our patients safe during these difficult times with the pandemic. At a time where many of the supplies needed to protect against this pandemic are in shortage, this donation really comes to great use to both our patients and staff. Thank you again for your support."
HopeClinic donate medical supplies RN ThankYou letter
Marcy Cortes, RN
Hope Clinic, Garland TX

Donation Drives

Our projects focus on current needs of small communities. Whether it’s back to school supplies or COVID-19 aid, we aim to better the lives of local communities. 

Ilan Donate Medical Supplies to Hope Clinic in McKinney, TX

Donate KN95 Masks

A shortage of safety guard supplies to health personnel means that doctors and nurses work risking their life to save lives. The KN96 masks allows safety protocols for employees and patients safe during this times. Many of the supplies needed to protect against this pandemic are in shortage.

School Supplies Donated for Kids in need at Plano Texas HeadStart Program

School Supplies

Thousands of children are returning to school without basic supplies, such as pencils, books, and backpacks. Simply donate your time to start a drive or donate funds so we can help families and kids in need.

Hope Free Clinic Donation M95 Masks, Gloves & Sanitizer

Humanitarian Aid

Join and assist in donating basic necessities (clothing, shoes, diapers, etc.) to small, impoverished city & rural communities. A parent maybe unable to support the family, and feel lost in his or her ability to buy school supplies. We can help with small projects.

Want to learn more about us, what we do, and how you can help? If you're interested in raising donations, we'd be happy to hear more.