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HeadStart Plano Texas School Gets School Supplies to Needy Kids

We are volunteers

Currently, our projects focus on small villages that do not receive the support they need. We help local African clinicians and caregivers with medical and other supplies needed. We work to ensure that disadvantaged children and adults have access to basic health and school supplies. 

Contribute to or volunteer your time to the project that fits your interests and goals. Contact us for more details about volunteering and joining our team.

"One of the main concerns when donating to help abroad is wondering where your money is really going. What really turned me over was the ability to directly help smaller communities, those that are often disregarded by large organizations. You have the ability to help the smaller picture. Only after comes the bigger picture."
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Our projects focus on current needs of small communities. Whether it’s back to school supplies or COVID-19 aid, we aim to better the lives of local communities. 

Israel National Food Bank Volunteers Harvest Vegetables for Families in Need

Food Bank Volunteers

A shortage of food around the world. It's hard to navigate impassable roads to save lives. But here, you can! Donate your time to provide basic food and health care supplies to communities not receiving the necessary aid.

Humanitarian Aid - Volunteers Teach Dance to Special Needs Kids

Humanitarian Aid

Join and donate necessities (clothing, shoes, diapers, tutoring, teaching, etc.) to small, impoverished rural communities.

School Supplies drive donate help kids

School Supplies

Thousands of children are returning to school without basic supplies, such as pencils, books, and backpacks. Simply donate your time to start a drive or donate funds so we can help families and kids in need.

join us!

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Why Join Our Team

Our team is 100% volunteers who are dedicated to improving the situations of many disadvantaged children and adults.

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Multilingual Volunteers

Do you speak multiple languages? We are also looking for volunteers that can easily converse in an African language.

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If you have your heart set on a helping a certain cause, reach out to us to start a project. If you're interested in starting a chapter, a drive, or raising donations, we'd be happy to hear more.

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Why Donate

15 million children in the United States alone are living in poverty. That number expands to roughly 663 million children globally lacking basic necessities. Factor adults and elderly and that number continues growing. Many organizations are attempting to reduce these numbers, but fail to help small towns and villages and focus only on big cities. That's why we're here.

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Communities We Help

Aiming to expand our projects to multiple countries, we have started with small villages such as Kitengala, Kenya.

Are you a student? want to start a chapter or Drive?

Contact us for more details.

Dallas school kids love their masks donated by DonationSmile volunteers

Dallas school children in Oak Cliff love their new masks donated by DonationSmile volunteers.

Want to learn more about us, what we do, and how you can help? If you're interested in raising donations, we'd be happy to hear more.