Meet Our Team

Maya Volunteers Donate Humanitarian Aid in Africa

Maya Sela

Founder and CEO

Maya is a student who started the organization with the help of her team. After seeing the need for basic supplies in disadvantaged communities with her own eyes, she wanted to make a change.

Ilan DonationSmile works on helping aid

Ilan Sela

Founder and CFO

Ilan is a student with experience handling funds and donations in his local community. He was excited for the opportunity to expand his expertise to areas that need it most.

Natalie DonationSmile helping hand

Natalie Alkalay

Founder and Global Outreach Coordinator

Natalie is a student who decided to volunteer her time to coordinate donation recipients and contacts all the communities we help. In essence, she arranges for supplies to reach their destinations.

Esther DonationSmile portrait

Esther Friedman

Web Devolper

Esther has experience in web design, graphics, and computer software. She joined our team to help build the organization from ground up. 

Head Start Plano Texas School Gets Donation of Schools Supply To Needy Kids

Plano, Texas school children in need get school supplies donated by DonationSmile volunteers.

We'll assist you start a Drive

Getting started is simple.

  • Take a personal assessment to unlock your goal, tailored to your community preferences. 
  • Set goals, and get personalized recommendations
  • Location is essential, and 10 minutes from home is where you should keep your distance at the start. People look farther away, but typically only a small percentage will continue their mission.
  • Be fiscally responsible. What are you willing to spend? 
  • Encourages new membership
  • Have a question or need help? The DonationSmile team is there for you.

Volunteering tips from our team:

  • Find needs in your nearby area.
  • Start a small project to help you reach your goals. 
  • Stay focused.
  • Take a moment for yourself with mindfulness of your progress.

Imagine What's Possible.


Take your volunteering journey to the next level. Measure results, understand, and improve your delivery method. Each week, take strategies and support from your team members or family and friends.

Ilan Donate Medical Supplies to Hope Clinic in McKinney, TX

Medical Supplies Donation

"I want to thank you for the masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. Patients have already begun taking advantage of them! Your support for the patients of Hope Clinic is much appreciated. I hope you have a good rest of your weekend."
In Hope,
HopeClinic donate medical supplies RN ThankYou letter
Andrea Naff
Operations Manager Hope Clinic of McKinney

Masks KN96 Donation

"Our staff is very appreciative of your kind gesture towards our medical clinic as we continue to serve the underserved population throughout our community. The KN96 masks will allow us to continue practicing our safety protocols in trying to keep our employees and our patients safe during these difficult times with the pandemic. At a time where many of the supplies needed to protect against this pandemic are in shortage, this donation really comes to great use to both our patients and staff. Thank you again for your support."
Hope Clinic, Garland TX​