Current Projects

If you would like to donate supplies, please contact us for details about our drives. For direct donations, visit DonationSmile FundMe page. Please note that the projects vary based on the current needs of global societies.
Hope Free Clinic Donation M95 Masks, Gloves & Sanitizer

COVID-19 Relief

A shortage of health personnel means that one doctor serves about 50,000 people. It's hard to navigate impassable roads to save lives. But here, you can! Donate to provide basic health care supplies including masks and gloves to impoverished communities that are not receiving the aid they need.

School Supplies Donated for Kids in need at Plano Texas HeadStart Program

School Supplies

Thousands of children are returning to school without basic supplies, such as pencils, books, and backpacks. Simply donate your time to start a drive or donate funds so we can help families and kids in need.

Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian Aid

Join and assist in donating basic necessities (clothing, shoes, diapers, etc.) to small, impoverished rural communities.

Donating Kids Masks

We donated kids masks hand made double layers to safeguard needy Dallas school children, who can’t afford to buy them. DonationSmile team has received a tremendous amount of support from the Dallas, Texas community regarding donations of free school children masks.

Texas is a caring, resilient, responsive “community first.” In times of crisis, we Texans stand together, ready to respond to whatever challenge we face. On this project, senior citizens helped sew protective kids’ masks to safeguard Dallas school children who cannot effort the additional expense. These volunteers’ generosity allows us to respond to this unique crisis.

We’ll help you build “community first” habits for life, plus coaching you can count on – because we have started just like you. Volunteering could change your life for good! See why it’s effective and how to get started.

Do you feel like you’re ready to take a step in your first volunteering journey and help your community? It’ll probably take some serious consideration to get to this point, and even if it hasn’t, there’s plenty to think about before dedicating your time and resources to this commitment. Here’s what you need to know.

La Academia Dallas School Kids Masks Donation Thank You Letter
Dallas school kids love their masks donated by DonationSmile volunteers

*Dallas school children in Oak Cliff love their new masks donated by DonationSmile volunteers.

Start a small donation project to help reach your goals. 

Donating To Hope Clinic Garland, TX

We focus on emerging community needs. But also take into affect factors that impact our health, social, economic, and environmental determinants.

Physicians, nurses, and health care professionals in free clinics serving poor communities are in need of safety medical supplies. They give unselfishly of their time to provide a high level of quality services to the poor and uninsured in the Dallas County. Hope Clinic is such a free clinic who gives medical care with no cost to the needy. We selected Hope Clinics to help their healthcare mission towards wellness in our community. We address their need for medical quality safety masks. We gave them KN95 medical masks, so their staff will be able to continue helping others. Ilan was one of our delivery volunteers who physically carried the mask into several clinics. He says the staff were elated to receive the masks, which they said was in short supply. 

Help popularize and also create the image that volunteering and donating is only for the coolest people. And that’s true. Volunteering is beneficial for anyone—even beginners.