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The Importance of Volunteering

It was a heartwarming experience to volunteer with Israel’s National Food Bank. There I learned how essential and effective community service truly is. The exhilaration of harvesting kohlrabi in the 100-degree weather around my peers brought joy to my heart. What we were doing would help feed families in need from the 1500 pounds of kohlrabi we harvested and distributed.

I remember sweat in my eyes and being on the verge of stopping when familiar hands reached out to help. My peers naturally set into a line where people would pull the vegetable from the ground, others would pull off the root, and the rest would dump them into the buckets. This teamwork became energy-conserving and time effective as not one person was doing all the work.

Food Bank Volunteers Harvesting

Through this experience with Leket Israel, my love for giving grew. The lesson of compassion, selflessness, and patience comes with volunteering and genuine happiness from the act of doing good.

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