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Aggie Modern Ballet in Texas A&M

Aggie Ballet: Texas A&M Student-Run Ballet

Aggie Ballet Company: Texas A&M Student-Run Ballet is founded by Maya Sela. The first Annual show profits is donated to support kids’ special needs dance team.

Aggie Ballet Celebrate 1’St Spring Show

In April 2023, Aggie Ballet Company’s first annual spring show embraces various works, including pieces choreographed by our members. This “Night at the Ballet” program features a variety of dance works from traditional repertoire and emerging choreographers. “We’ve had different members step up, and we showcase original work. Our performance company also performs as a group, and various members do solo variations.”

“Several of the students have choreographed pieces, and they’ve put so much work into setting the dance, choosing their dancers, and connecting their rehearsals. Since we’re a student-run ballet company, we are all involved in putting on the production, so there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that we learn about together,” Maya Sela said.

Special Needs Team Performance

In addition, a special need dance team performed on stage with big applause from the audience. Profits from the ballet performance will be donated to support this special needs dance team from Shelli Kruger’s Dance Studio. Several Texas A&M volunteer their time to teach these kids, and Miss Kruger, the school head, is so grateful for any help she can get.  

Profits to Special needs kids who danced at Aggie Ballet Company performance.

Aggie Ballet Company

Aggie Ballet Company was founded in 2021 by Texas A&M student Maya Sela. Aggie Ballet Company is the premier Texas A&M student-run ballet company that performs classical ballet, modern, and contemporary dance. The organization provides weekly ballet and pointe classes with student-teachers or local professionals and occasional master classes. Aggie Ballet organization has continued to gain talented dancers and rising choreographers by creating a supportive atmosphere to further students’ dance education.

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